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On Christmas day Aleksandr Gorlach from Yacht Devices Limited announced several new devices for 2018.   These products will continue on the two year long streak of innovative, cost effective and highly functional products Yacht Devices has brought to the market.  Yacht Devices U.S. is excited to continue our partnership with Yacht Devices Limited and to offer their products to the U.S. market with quick shipping and excellent customer service.  

Here are the highlights of today's announcement:

  • J1708 to J1939 Adapter - Targetted to industrial and heavy industry applications this adapter will allow conversion from the older J1708 protocol to J1939, the CanBus protocol used by current engines
  • Smart Relay - The Smart Relay will control of two devices in scenarios where only one switched circuit is present.  Perfect for control of multiple devices up a mast where only one circuit is present.  The Smart Relay will power 8a continuous loads with peak loads up to 15a
  • NMEA 0183 WiFi Gateway - The NMEA 0183 WiFi Gateway will act as a NMEA 0183 to TCP or UDP gateway for two NMEA 0183 ports.  Additionally a pair of NMEA 0183 WiFi Gatways can be used to wirelessly extend a NMEA 0183 netwokr, just like the NMEA 2000 WiFi Gateways.  The NMEA 0183 WiFi Gateway will act as a multiplexer for multiple NMEA 0183 devices as well as being able to filter out messages
  • NMEA 2000 Fuel Sensor -  Yacht Devices is targeting a March release for a new NMEA 2000 Fuel Sensor.  This sensor is designed to work with all types of resistive senders.   It will work in parallel with existing analog gauges.  The sensor will be equipped with a MicroSD port for configuration, firmware upgrades, calibration and fuel usage logging.
  • New Voyage Recorder  In 2018 a new version of the Voyage Recorder will be launched.  This new version will include a 1/8" input to record audio in coordination with the data recorded.  You can record VHF traffic, weather radio, wheel house audio or any other audio source along with the NMEA 2000 data recorded.  Yacht Devices is aiming for a February release of this new version.   

Any questions?  Let us know.  

Here's the release from Yacht Devices Limited:


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