New NMEA-0183 WiFi gateway and updated web-gauges

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Yacht Devices has been busy. First up is the new NMEA-0183 WiFi gateway, allowing all your NMEA-0183 data to be made available via WiFi. Perfect for navigational apps. Additionally the NMEA-0183 WiFi Gateway supports Yacht Devices' highly-capable and recently improved web-gauges.  

  • A pair of Wi-Fi Gateways can act as an NMEA 0183 wireless extender;
  • Can be paired with our NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway to remotely connect NMEA 0183 devices to NMEA 2000;
  • Both "single ended" (RS-232) and "differential" (RS-422) NMEA 0183 connections are supported;
  • Works as a Wi-Fi Access Point or can be connected to an existing Wi-Fi network; * Automatically records your track (up to 32000 points) and other data (depth, wind, course and speed) to the internal memory, data can be saved in GPX or CSV formats.

The NMEA-0183 WiFi gateway has two NMEA-0183 inputs.  Each input can be configured at different speeds allowing you to interface both low speed data sources like GPS and depth sensors with high speed sources like AIS.  

New Web-Gauges

Yacht Devices has released firmware versions 1.12 for the NMEA-2000 WiFi Gateway and 1.01 for the NMEA-0183 WiFi Gateway.  This firmware includes a new set of web-gauges with support for up to new graphical gauges, text data bars for tanks and battery levels, support over 100 different tank sources and rudder gauges for up to two rudder position sensors.  

With a NMEA WiFi gateway and nearly any phone or tablet you can create an easy-to-use, attractive gauge panel.  Add in a YDEG-04 for J1939 engines or a YDES-04 for J1708 engines and you can add monitoring of all your engine data as well. 

Have any questions about how this all goes together?  Drop us a line, we can be reached at  


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