Why Yacht Devices?

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Why do we only sell Yacht Devices products?  

That's a great question, glad you asked.  I am Ben Stein, I'm an avid boater and an equally avid tinkerer.  I just completed the Great Loop (http://greatloop.org) on my boat.  My wife, two daughters and I lived on our boat for 14 months while we cruised the eastern third of the United States.  During our time aboard I realized some of the areas that the integration on our boat was lacking.  Frequently I found myself turning to Yacht Devices for products to ease this lack of integration.  I started with engine gateways to go from my EDC-II Volvo-Penta D12 mains to my NMEA-2000 network.  I was so pleased with how that worked out that I found myself adding additional devices to the network.  Temperature monitoring in the engine room?  Yes, please.  Record all the data on the NMEA-2000 network so I can playback my voyage?  Of course.  One thing I realized was that not having these great products available in the U.S. was a real drag.  It took 3 weeks to get products and sometimes longer.  So I decided to step in and offer the products in the U.S. with full stock of all Yacht Devices' products available shipped to you quickly from Chicago.  

If you have questions about how these products can integrate on your boat, please don't hesitate to ask.  If you just want to talk boating I'm always up for a good conversation.  

Hope to see you on the water


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