WiFi Gateway adds Web Gauges

Posted by Benjamin Stein on

Our Yacht Devices YDWG WiFi Gateway has added an exciting new feature.  With firmware update 1.08 web gauges are now built in to the gateway.  The new web gauges will allow any device connected via WiFi to display data from your NMEA 2000 network on screen.

The screenshot you see above is directly from an iPhone connected to the NMEA 2000 WiFi Gateway displaying data from the NMEA 2000 network in clear, colorful gauges and data boxes.  


Four pages of gauges and data can be configured with customizable layouts.  You can display any data that's on your NMEA 2000 network, position, speed, depth, wind, engine data, tank levels, etc.  If it's on your NMEA 2000 network you can display it on any device connected via WiFi. 

Customize the layout

All screens can be displayed on phones, tablets, laptops or any other WiFi connected device.  A $49 Kindle Fire 7" tablet will give you a 7" display allowing you to view all critical data on your boat from anywhere on the boat.  

Additionally, the 1.08 firmware update for our NMEA 2000 WiFi Gateway and NMEA 2000 USB Gateway supports calculation of true wind if only apparent wind is available.  Calculations can be performed using either SOG/COG if only GPS is available or SOG/HDG if a true heading sensor is present.  

Our NMEA-2000 to WiFi gateway can be found at https://yachtdevicesus.com/products/nmea-2000-wi-fi-gateway-ydwg-02.

Yacht Devices Limited has published a how to article explaining how to configure the web gauges.




  • You could use a navigation app to set a route or waypoints on your Android device. There’s not really anything to receive that route unless you have an auto pilot or something similar also on the network.


    Ben on

  • I have a garmin gmi 20 nmea 2000 with gps and wind, speed, etc. I have no chartplotter. Is it possible to enter waypoint data from my android device into the nmea network?

    Jack ORourke on

  • No need for starter kit and back bone wire? does it plug into the MEFI adapter cable? volvo 5.7 OSXI-DF 2005

    Claud Sauve on

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