Adapter Cables for YDEG-04 Engine Gateways

Stock Info:
EVC/Vodia 8-pin - In Stock
EVC-A Multisensor - In Stock
EVC-A MC 12-Pin C5:Engine - In Stock
EVC-A EC 12-pin X5:Multilink - In Stock
BRP CAN (Bombardier Rotax) - Out of Stock, more on the way
EFI 10-pin - In Stock
Caterpillar Display 12-pin - In Stock
SmartCraft 10 pin - In Stock
Yanmar 4JH - In Stock
Caterpillar Round 9-pin adaptor (C7, C9, C12, C18, C32) - In Stock
Cummins 9-pin round - In Stock
Yanmar B25/C35 - In Stock

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Save $10 per adapter when you order with a YDEG-04!

These cables allow easy connection of YDEG-04 Engine Gateways to your engines.  Varieties are available for: 

  • EVC/Vodia 8-pin adaptor cable
  • EVC-A multisensor adaptor cable
  • EVC-A MC 12-pin C5:ENGINE cable
  • EVC-A EC 12-pin X5:MULTILINK cable
  • BRP CAN (Bombardier Rotax) cable
  • EFI 10-pin adaptor cable
  • Caterpillar Display 12-pin cable
  • Yanmar 4JH
  • SmartCraft 10 pin
  • Caterpillar Round 9-pin adaptor (C7, C9, C12, C18, C32)

For additional technical details, please see the User Guide and FAQ.